A few days ago, during a dinner of a corporate event I had the opportunity to listen to a humorist. Each joke was more macho than the other. And I thought, what a bad image this dinner will give this brand with the women here and how old-fashioned it is. At least I don’t want to partner with that brand anymore.

The truth is that in the face of the new decade 2020-2030 we can no longer have a space between what we preach and what we do. We must take care of what is communicated in every detail and not only to be politically correct in an era where women (along with ecology and sustainability) are on the rise, but also as an aggressive strategy of closeness and respect with the female gender.

That is why here I give some ideas:

1) Entrepreneurs: Woman today are independent, for a long time they do not want to be in their house or meet a schedule that does not allow them to be with their children. Brands should talk to that specific segment, provide effective solutions, become their accomplices.

2) Complicity: For example, for women’s week, brands can offer special discounts only to women, but I don’t mean just clothes, why not technology, notebooks, cameras, fitness and outdoor, rent of co-works, among others. Counseling firms can issue reports with statistics on women in different aspects.

3) Elegance: Take care of your words, address them differently from the masculine gender.

4) Recognition: Why not create spaces just for them — best female employee, best female owned business, and why not an internal blog only with topics that might be of her interest.

4) Creativity, Creativity and Creativity: for years women had to read about topics that interest them, written under the perspective of a man. It is time to take the pen and ideas and apply creativity from a space for women themselves.

As you can see there is still a lot to do to bring your brand closer to this segment, which certainly will be interested in consuming custom products and services and will appreciate feeling recognized and valued.

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