Selection of clients: Financial Sector

Financial Communications, Transactions and Investor Relations: This is our main expertise, and we have been working with mostly Investment Banks with a presence in Chile.

International and Business Relations: We have been helping many international prestigious brands to enter the Chilean market.

Crisis Management: Our journalism experience gives us the skill to create better communications with the media

Corporate reputation: We continue to work with stakeholders and the media for KPMG (2010-2019)

Working with all the Chilean financial community to present the Chilean market and capital to the world

Selection of clients in other industries: (aeronautics, mining and energy)

Selection of clients: Technology sector

Relationship with Stakeholders: we are proud of several education campaigns to position the importance of the topics which we believe in.

Selection of clients: Cultural Sector / Cinema / Art / Lifestyle / Architecture / Education

Selection of clients: Legal Sector and Headhunting sector

Corporate Positioning Strategy: We support this prestigious lawyer company developing their brand and a strategy to communicate better who they are and what they do. 2019

Health Sector

Entrepreneurship sector

Agricultural Sector